Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall break, fall break, fall break!

Hi friends,

Evie Alice and I  (Ella Rose) have decided that we want to blog every day this month too since Momma  told us that she's going to be writing on hers each day. I'm in pre-k now, and can hardly wait for Fall Break. Momma told me this morning we have just four more days until Vacation. I LOOOVVE vacation! Vacations are times that I get to sleep all day, play with my best buddy Evie Alice and my friends next door. I get to go on cool trips and do fun things with Momma. This year it means that I'll get to visit Grandpa a lot more too. I can hardly wait!

I'm also going to get to do my homework this afternoon. It's been a few days since I got to do that. I love reading eggs! I am learning to read using it. I can read Sam I am! After I finish my homework I always have to take a rest, but then I get to play with my best buddy, Evie Alice and I love that. We aren't best friends because we have lots of those, we are best buddies. We are the only best buddies that we have.

Hi y'all, this is best buddy, Evie Alice! Ella Rose is so right that vacations are fun. I enjoyed my summer vacation so much that I decided to do my school at home this year. Momma and I are looking forward to having my best buddy, Ella Rose home next week too. Momma says we are going to the library today to check out a Dora Mermaid book and I can hardly wait. I have been watching her on the tv until we make it to the library this morning. I love Dora books. I'm going to be a Dora Princess for Halloween. Ella Rose is going to be Ariel. I know all about Princesses. My favorites are Ariel, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Snow White and Belle. I have taken them all to see my Grandpa when we go visit him each day. He's at the doctor today so I can't take them to see him but will tomorrow and I'll take my stuffed Turkey too. We all like Turkey! And I'm Grandpa's girl!

It's Ella Rose again. My best buddy and I are going to go play My Little Ponies and Princesses, but we will type to you again tomorrow.

Until then,

Ella Rose and Evie Alice

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