Thursday, October 3, 2013

Game time, anyone?

Hi friends,

Today Momma took us to the DMV. When she told us we were going to go there, neither Evie Alice or I knew what to think. What is the DMV? It's this noisy place that has vending machines that Momma won't let us buy anything from. The floors aren't good for coloring pictures on, and Momma gets really cranky while waiting there. My tummy was growling and Evie kept crying, but it didn't matter because we waited there a LONG time. Mommy got her picture for her license to drive made and then realized she didn't have any pennies. Now Momma says we are going back there tomorrow. Why do Grown ups play the games they do with their pennies? Evie Alice and I don't want to go back there, but Momma says we have to. I don't think I'll ever understand grown ups.

Maybe Momma thought the DMV was fun, but  for Evie Alice and me, not so much. Hmmmm...maybe I can make her a driver's license tomorrow while we are at school so she won't want to go back there. I certainly hope I can.

Evie Alice here, Ella Rose is right the DMV was not fun! I even threw a fit,  but Momma wouldn't leave. Usually, she'll pack me up or threaten to take me to the car, but not today. Maybe I should try harder to get her to leave that DMV tomorrow. What do y'all think? More fits? Running in circles/ I'll have to see what toddler mischief I can get into. 

But what was fun, was watching my best buddy play her soccer game tonight.

So I cheered for her, "Go kick the ball, best buddy!" "You're doing great, best buddy!" "Awesome job, best buddy!" Ella Rose ran over and game me five when I yelled these things. I can hardly wait until I get to play soccer too. It's a great game, but I was missing my friend Parks. His Daddy says he's sick. I really wanted to show him my Dora books I got at the Library this morning. Maybe tomorrow...

You are right, the soccer game was fun, Evie Alice. But my favorite part of the day was playing Uno. Our whole little family played three games of it tonight and Momma won twice. Dados won the other time. I'm hoping Grandpa will play Uno with me tomorrow. I think I can beat him. No, I know I can! If you are feeling lucky come play with us. It's easy. Even Evie Alice can play and I'm sure Grandpa  could always deal you in.

Well, Momma is tired to we are off to bed.

Good night friends,

Ella Rose and Evie Alice

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