Friday, October 4, 2013

Flying into the pit of Pizza Night

Today began my fall break and I dressed the part.  I wore a sleeveless shirt, white shorts, and striped tinkerbell socks that went up to my knees. Then I picked out my plaid purple shoes. Momma thought I'd picked out an amazing outfit and looked so cute so she had Dados take my picture this morning before we left for school.  I just know the rest of fall break is going to be as great as today was. 

 I'm so excited. We are going to have a blast. My break started off with Momma taking us out to eat at Barbaritos which Evie Alice and I also call the Chippie store because we can get chips and cheese dip there. Then,  Momma took us to the Dollar tree so that we could get new Princess Crowns. Our old ones broke. And it's pizza night. I love pizza night. Friday night is pizza night around our house. Evie Alice and I always get the same kind, spinach and mushroom. We both love spinach and mushroom. And she'll even let us eat it for breakfast tomorrow if we  
want rather than eggs and toast or cereal. Most days we get veggie chicken nuggets and eggs for breakfast, so pizza is a nice change. I would say the day couldn't get any better, but it did. We got to stay up late and we got to play my UNO game with Grandpa three times today. I just know fall break is going to be fabulous.

Ella Rose is right it was a great day today. I got to see most of my friends at gymnastics and had so much fun flipping and bouncing on the trampoline today. However my favorite parts are the rings and the pit. The pit is full of foam blocks and my favorite thing to do at gymnastics is to run down the long trampoline as fast as I can so that it feels like I'm flying. Then I jump in! I did that many times today. It was cool!

Then, best of all my best buddy is home for a vacation. I love it when she's here and I can hardly wait to go with her on all our adventures tomorrow. We certainly will keep you posted.

Good night,

The South GA Princesses-
 Ella Rose and Evie Alice



  1. Your blog is charming and well written. I have older eyes, though, and found the bright pink a bit harder to read than the dark purple. Maybe it's just my screen. Where did you find the cute graphics that actually move? What a terrific idea. And a wonderful way to keep your memories of your children's growth and stories. Do you scrapbook them, as well?

  2. I just google searched for the graphics. In glad you've enjoyed it, I chose the color fonts in order to coordinate with my daughters' favorite colors. I did scrapbook before I had my 2nd daughter but haven't managed to since then. ;)